Sri Swami Saras Dev ji

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji appeared in 1611 and went to Nikunj in 1683. Sri Swami Saras Dev ji father was Pandit. Kamalapati Gaud (he was a minister in the state) and his brother was Sri Swami Nagridevji.

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji lived in his house for 30 years and in Vrindavan for 42 years. He was akin to his name, very simple and sweet.

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji epitomized the adage ‘simple living and high thinking’. Both the brothers were disciple of Sri Swami Biharini Dev ji but Sri Swami Saras Dev ji became the successor to his guru.

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji was the younger of the brothers. He had announced his successor long before which came true. During that time he was looking after the administration of the sampraday, Mughal emperor Jahangir was ruling India.

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji


In 1606 Jahangirs eleder son Khusro terrorized places from Agra to Punjab, in that course he looted Mathura too. In 1614 British had come to Agra as business men and Mathura once again bounced back to its glory.

Orcha’s King Vir Singh Dev initiated the construction of a temple there worth 33 lacs and this period saw construction of many more temples in Vrindavan. This was a peaceful period here.

Sri Swami Saras Dev ji samadhi is in Nidhivan.

Karm dharm aur vigyan bhakti na aan hriday mein aano,
Ved ramaapati raamhi aadi Sri Vrajraj hi kou jo bakhano.
Ati durlabh nitya vihar hamaare ju Sri Haridas prakat pravaano,
Saras susaar vichari Biharinidasi bina ho vihar na jaano.

Sri Bihari pyari ko khilona,
Nana roop rang rati ang ang prati ati ras rasik salona.
Ati aasakt rahat ju chabili, Chail chabile so tan man rona,
Saras Ladili Lal khayaal ko kahu parti pagona.

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